May I make a donation?

The City of North College Hill accepts tax-deductible donations* for the Adopt-A-Park program according to the below guidelines. If you are unsure of whether we can accept your donation, please contact the Recreation Department at 513-728-4486 or A receipt will be provided for all donations received. Please provide a good mailing address &/or email where we can send the receipt. 

Monetary Contributions

  • Monetary contributions are accepted by cash, money order, check or credit card. 
  • Checks & money orders should be made out to the City of North College Hill.
  • Please clearly indicate "Adopt-A-Park" on your envelope, letter, check or money order. 
  • To donate via credit card, please contact the Finance Office by phone during business hours at 513-521-7413. Note that a 3% credit card processing fee applies.

Supplies & Materials

Contact us to confirm our current need before purchasing or dropping off any of the below items.

  • Empty 1-gallon screw-top style jugs (to fill with water for new plants)
  • Gift Cards to garden supply retailers
  • Pop-up "Tailgate" style tents (to provide shade on hot days)
  • Folding tables/chairs
  • Gardening tools (pruning shears, rakes, trowels, pitchforks, weed pullers, loppers, etc.)
  • Individual bags of topsoil, garden soil or garden mulch. 
  • We cannot accept contributions of playground mulch. There are specific health & safety requirements for this type of mulch. You are welcome to make a monetary contribution toward the purchase of playground mulch. (See above guidelines for Monetary Contributions.)

Plants / Trees / Shrubs

  • Donations of plants, trees & shrubs will vary by location & season.
  • Contact us to determine whether there is a current need.

Large Playground Structures / Construction Materials

  • Contact us to determine whether there is a current need for donations of large playground structures or construction materials (concrete, pavers, etc.).

Chemicals / Liquids

  • We cannot accept donations of any type of chemical or liquid, including pesticides, deer/rodent repellant, fertilizers, weed control, etc.

* All contributions received by the City of North College Hill for the Adopt-A-Park program will be used exclusively for public purposes in accordance with IRS Section 170(c)(1).

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