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  1. 1. Instructions
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  • Instructions

    1. Completing the Application
      Complete the Permit Application Form.

      Make sure there is a City of North College Hill map attached to the application.

      Map Guidelines

      Using a brightly colored highlighter, color in the parade route you wish to use on the NCH City Map attached to the parade permit application. Make sure you indicate the:
      • Staging Area: Location the parade units will meet and disembark from
      • Parade Starting Area: Location where the parade official starts from - this may be the same as the staging area
      • End of Parade: Location where the parade units will end and no longer be on the public roadways
      Using a black ink pen, draw arrows indicating the direction the parade will travel on the route you listed in step 2. 

      Submitting the Application
      Submit the Parade Permit Application (including highlighted parade route) no later than 30 days prior to the requested parade date online or to the North College Hill Police Department:
      1646 W. Galbraith Road
      NCH, OH 45239

      The Process
      The Chief of Police or his designate will assign an officer to be your parade detail officer in charge (OIC). The Police Chief or his designate will review your application, which may be picked up at the Municipal Building after it has been reviewed. It also may be returned to you via U.S. mail (upon request).

      If the Police Chief or his designate determines a problem with your parade route, you will be contacted and advised of the potential problems. You may at this point modify your parade permit request or withdraw your request. If you wish to modify your request, review the Police Chief’s notes and modify your permit application accordingly. Return your application the City Municipal Building for review.

      If your parade permit is accepted, when it is returned to you, it should have been countersigned by the Mayor. If it is not, your parade permit is not valid. It is your responsibility to ensure the parade permit is valid. If there is a problem, please contact the Police Chief at 513-521-7171 or the Administrative Offices at 513-521-7413.

      On the date of your parade, please have your units at the staging area no later than 15 minutes prior to the parade starting time. The contact person listed on the parade permit application must have the valid parade permit in the lead parade vehicle.

      The contact person should meet the parade detail officer in charge at the Police Department approximately 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the parade to coordinate and review any last minute changes.