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  1. City of North College Hill
    1500 W. Galbraith Road
    North College Hill, OH 45239
    Ph: 513-521-7413
    Fx: 513-931-1236
  2. Permit for Basement, Estate, Garage, Yard, Etc. Sale
  3. Permit Fee
    You will need to drop off or mail a check or money order made payable to: The City of North College Hill before the yard sale date.
    • $0: 1st Sale This Calendar Year
    • $5: 2nd Sale This Calendar Year
    • $10: 3rd Sale This Calendar Year
    • $25: 4th Sale This Calendar Year
    • $50: 5th Sale This Calendar Year
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  5. Important Note
    Your copy of this permit must be posted in a prominent place at the site of your sale at the time of the sale described.
  6. Ordinance 25-1986
  7. Penalty: Minor Misdemeanor
  8. It is illegal to post signs on utility poles, etc. in the public right of way between the sidewalk and the curb.
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