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Aug 19

It's To Soon For Some Things

Posted on August 19, 2015 at 1:36 PM by Sheryl Long

    Here we are at the end of summer in the year 2015. The weather will be turning cool;, and the trees will soon evolve from their normal green to a vivid orange. You won't see as many people outside. They inevitable frigid temperatures will soon force us all indoors. You can picture families on their couches:  feet up, cozy, snacking on popcorn, and prepared to watch the shows premiering on network television, but it doesn't take much to spoil that nice image. This year, those happy families in their cozy homes will be bombarded with political ad after political ad. Yes, it is that time again -- election time.

    The United States presidential political process is extremely long. It's depressing to have your television saturated with negative political ads and bitter debates. The sad part is we don’t vote for president until November... of 2016!  According to a poll done by Pew Research Center, many voters have a collective sense of fatigue from the divisive ads, and the perpetual election process

     I wonder if all this attention paid on the national stage is a distraction from what is going on outside our front door. You know, the election that will be happening this year on the 3rd of November, the very election that directly affects the city where we reside and pay taxes.  

     The United States has a considerably longer political campaigning period than other countries. The Europeans have campaign periods that last from a few weeks to several months. Their election season is highly regulated, including limitations on spending and other actions that our election process could do without. Wow, an election with regulations on spending? Could you imagine the people that could enter the race if they didn’t have to worry about raising millions of dollars?

 So here’s my call to action. When you see, hear, or receive someone's national campaign literature? Don’t read it until at least 6 month before Election Day. It is best for you to draw your own conclusions anyway. The commercials that you will see and the ads that you will read are designed to manipulate you, to feed your fears and cheat you out of the experience of investigating the candidates and deciding for yourself. Weren’t you told as a child to never cheat? Don't cheat yourself out of making a wise decision by letting the angry buzz of cynical half-truths burrow their way into your brain.

    Let’s go on strike from the hogwash and put all candidates on notice: we have negativity surrounding us all day long. If you want to improve our lives then you do it with an optimistic smile rather than a pessimistic scowl.
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